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Reach Out

This morning I got to “see” my bookclub friends on a Zoom meeting. Today was our scheduled time to meet but with social distancing, our usual coffee meeting was out of the question. It was great to see their faces and hear their voices and stay connected; to be there for one another.

Here in Job chapter 9, we see our friend is still suffering. And as Job’s suffering continues he is becoming impatient. He’s still loyal to God, but you can almost hear his frustration.

When we go through long periods of sickness or suffering, we too may get impatient, frustrated, doubtful and maybe even depressed. During these times, we need someone to listen; hear the frustrations or doubts.

On our zoom call this morning, we were able to do that for one of our friends. Just listen and hear her frustrations. We didn’t need to have advice or answers, sometimes just our presence and love is all that’s needed. Our peace can help with their fears. Our joy can help with their sadness. Our patience can help their impatience.

If you know someone that’s suffering or scared, give them a call or text and let them know you’re there. Pray for them. We’re in a spiritual battle together. Armor up and lock shields. Lets be there for one another and glorify God with our faith in action!



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