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We all have dreams and goals that God places on our heart and it’s our responsibility to fulfill that call. We all want to please God right?

Living in a fallen world brings distractions that at times keeps us from moving forward in our call. But surely one of those distractions can’t be our “friends.” Can it?

Our friends are the people we spend a lot of time with and they do have an impact on our life.

This verse is a reminder that we need to be careful about who we choose as our closest friends. We want friends that propel us forward and not serve as distractions.

Many of us have a lot of friends but I’m talking about our CLOSEST friends. The ones we spend the most time with, the ones who speak into our lives. Think carefully because you and your friends will grow to resemble each other. So who do you want to be like? Who has the godly qualities that will help you grow in your relationship with God?

You may be in friendships now where you are the one helping others to grow. Continue to be the iron that sharpens. But always be careful that you guard your heart against unhealthy attitudes and habits. Armor up to be strong for any battle that may come your way. Build strong and healthy friendships that honor and glorify God. ♥️



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