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Book of Psalms

Social media, the news, and probably your phone are filled with messages and images of an ever changing world. But we know one thing that never changes - God’s Word!

I’ve been finding myself camping out in the book of Psalms. It’s a great place to be right now with the unknowns and stresses that the virus has brought. When dealing with stresses, there can be frustration at not being able to express/deal with emotions or the many dark thoughts that fly through our mind. Ahhhh, the psalms releases us from those frustrations.

The Psalms brings me comfort when I’m lonely, strengthens me when I feel weak and weary, binds up my broken heart, and it turns my eyes upward to look at the ONE, the only one who can lead and guide me through trouble times.

Psalm 34 is entitled, “The Happiness of Those Who Trust in God” and was written by David. Remember David? He experienced much in his life. Most importantly, David experienced closeness to God. He blessed the Lord at all times and was continuously praising Him. David called God his refuge, light, salvation, stronghold and more. He remembered all God had done for him. All of God’s goodness. David trusted God with his life.

I’m meditating on verse 4 to help stay in His peace. When my mind tells me to run to the store and get more supplies that I don’t need or when I start to worry about the unknown future, I feel confident when I call out to God for help. He hears me and He answers me.

As we walk through this new territory, lets remember the goodness of God, praise His Holy Name, and trust in His promises! Read the book of Psalms and you’ll find that hope returns, faith is renewed, and you’ll be able to stand because you will not be standing alone. God will never leave you nor forsake you. He said it and I believe it!



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