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Job went through a lot of heartache and hardships. Tough times are said to either make us or break us. If you’re going through a tough trial right, look to Job for inspiration.

Job had faith! This is what carried him through the tough times. Job didn’t understand why any of the hardships were happening to him and he felt like God was against him and not for him. Yet here he is. Declaring that he will trust in God.

Slaying times are not fun times but they build up our faith. Job didn’t let go of the things he knew to be true. He knew he was innocent and he knew that God is good! That’s worth repeating. Job knew that God is good. It’s important that we read our Bible and deepen our understanding of who God is. Know His character. Know His promises. It’s difficult/impossible to trust someone you don’t know. Get to know our good, good God and cling to Him during the tough times.

We have the benefit of the Bible but Job didn’t see that God was there allowing Satan to test him but not kill him. Keep that in mind when you don’t understand why things are happening. We can’t see the whole picture but we can trust that God does. We can trust that God is for us and not against us. We can trust that God will never leave us nor forsake us. We can trust that He loves us and cares for us. We can trust that God will protect us and lead and guide us back to safety.

What else are you trusting God for? 🙏

  • Writer's pictureSandra Taosaka

We all have dreams and goals that God places on our heart and it’s our responsibility to fulfill that call. We all want to please God right?

Living in a fallen world brings distractions that at times keeps us from moving forward in our call. But surely one of those distractions can’t be our “friends.” Can it?

Our friends are the people we spend a lot of time with and they do have an impact on our life.

This verse is a reminder that we need to be careful about who we choose as our closest friends. We want friends that propel us forward and not serve as distractions.

Many of us have a lot of friends but I’m talking about our CLOSEST friends. The ones we spend the most time with, the ones who speak into our lives. Think carefully because you and your friends will grow to resemble each other. So who do you want to be like? Who has the godly qualities that will help you grow in your relationship with God?

You may be in friendships now where you are the one helping others to grow. Continue to be the iron that sharpens. But always be careful that you guard your heart against unhealthy attitudes and habits. Armor up to be strong for any battle that may come your way. Build strong and healthy friendships that honor and glorify God. ♥️

  • Writer's pictureSandra Taosaka

Jesus came to comfort Paul in the night.

In the light of day we can be bold, courageous and fearless! But the dark night brings doubts, loneliness, fears, and weariness which the enemy is quick to use to his advantage. And it was in this dark time that Jesus came and stood by Paul…as He stands with us too.

Paul was in prison before and he was also delivered out of the prisons. But this time, Jesus came to Paul right there in the jail cell. Jesus knows where we are at all times. He doesn’t lose track of us, He doesn’t take His eyes off of us when we turn the corner.

When we are faced with challenging times like Paul was, we may pray that God get us out. Now. Please. But this verse shows that God wants to be with us right in the middle of our circumstances. He wants to meet us in whatever we are facing. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. Remember that. He’s right there.

In their meeting, Jesus tells Paul to be of good cheer. He’s telling Paul to be of good courage and continue on. Prison may be a setback but it’s not going to be the end of Paul mission.

Whatever you may be facing today, be of good cheer. Remember that God is still on His throne. God still promises that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28)

Anyone can be of good cheer when things are going right. But as believers in Christ Jesus, we can be of good cheer when everything is in chaos because we know our God is mighty and He is right by our side! ❤️

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